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Picture: Cyrus Pâques Imagine / Quote: Imagine Demain le monde n°124, nov-déc 2017

« En me lançant dans le projet Eclusej’ai non seulement la perspective de
devenir propriétaire, ce qui

jusqu’ici me paraissait impensable, mais je suis engagée dans une
grande aventure collective »,

Yasmina, CLTB homeowner.

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The CLTB is a citizens’ movement. Through an innovative formula we ensure that people with a low income can buy their own home. A dream that will become reality for hundreds of children, women and men in Brussels. A home becomes a real home where families happily, unconcerned and proud to build a better, more just and healthier Brussels. Emancipation is embedded in the management of our association and the development of our projects. 130 houses are already in the pipeline! CLTB provides an adequate response to the Brussels residential crisis.

With the support of generous donors, we are giving more people from Brussels a definitive home.

Tax deduction

Your donations, starting from 40€ yearly and paid into the bank account of the “Fonds des Amis du CLTB” of the Roi Baudouin Foundation, are tax-deductible at 45% of your donation amount, up to 10% of your taxes.

For example, a donation of 40€ will only amount to 22€ after a tax deduction!

Respect for private life

Your contact details are needed in order to send your tax receipt and for you to deduct the amount of your donation from your income taxes. We do not share your private information with third parties.

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« On apprend à se connaître, à penser collectif, à réfléchir à nos droits, au vivre ensemble, à la future copropriété. C’est un processus sur le long terme qui est passionnant »

CLTB homeowner.

Why join us?

By joining our association, you show that you respect the values we defend. The support of a large number of members strengthens the representation of civil society within our structures. Your contribution to this reinforcement, by becoming a member, helps us build and develop our association. By building our Community Land Trust with us, you also build a city, the city of our dreams: shared, fair, accessible to all and democratic.

How to become a member?

To become a member of the CLTB, all you need to do is fill out the form below and pay an annual membership fee of 10€ by means of a bank transfer to the non-profit association’s account: IBAN: BE 83 5230 8043 6115 –  BIC: TRIOBEBB, with the subject/communication: “cotisation membre” + your name.

All members can take part in the General Assembly, but to be entitled to vote, it is necessary to file an application with the Board of Directors. We encourage you to take that extra step by filling out the application form for active members and send it back to us to the following email address:

* These fields are obligatory.

become a volunteer

« En me lançant dans le projet Eclusej’ai non seulement la perspective de
devenir propriétaire, ce qui

jusqu’ici me paraissait impensable, mais je suis engagée dans une
grande aventure collective »,

Yasmina, CLTB homeowner.

Getting involved with us: how and why?

If our CLTB has come into being in 2012, it is thanks to the commitment of activists and associations determined to implement this innovative model of social justice. This daily commitment remains essential to expand and strengthen our project. We need a solid network of citizens who are willing to help us develop our actions and broaden our vision of a city for all. Provide concrete, one-off or regular assistance and do your part!

Join us!

Find the volunteer work that is right for you and participate depending on your interest and availability:

Participate in the registration and training meetings: it is the opportunity to lead, guide and inform those interested in the CLTB projects.

Communication: We are always looking for people who can help us develop our web image, create communication tools,…

Events: Help and take part in participatory events (workshops, flea markets, etc).

Translations: We regularly need translations in French, Dutch and/or English.

Administrative help: Lend a hand in terms of administrative tasks such as encoding, archiving and classifying.

Become an ambassador: Relay our actions, tools, campaigns around you.

More than just a good deed…

As you give us your time, energy and good spirits, we provide you with:

  • Rich encounters with diverse audiences
  • Workspaces and resources to make your voice heard
  • Working groups within which you are able to take part in the association’s decisions
  • The opportunity to acquire experience and new skills

Do you have some free time, whether a little or a lot? Then join our team of awesome volunteers and put your talents to work in favour of a good cause!

Please contact Yseult at 02/840 61 49 or by email at