As an association or company

support us

Are you concerned by the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? If so, choose to support the activities of our Community Land Trust. Supporting us means:

  • Including and involving local communities as well as low-income households
  • Contributing to sustainable development (environmental and socio-economical)
  • Integrating your commitments to our overall organization

Do you wish to support us through direct financial support?

Your direct financial support to our activities or the development of one of our housing projects in particular will have a direct impact on the democratization of the forms of city production and the well-being of vulnerable communities.

Make a donation :

  • to the Foundation Community Land Trust – Brussels : BE54 5230 8056 0797
  • to the non-profit association Community Land Trust – Bruxelles : BE83 5230 8043 6115

Do you wish to support us through corporate volunteerism?

Are you interested in “Venture Philanthropy” actions or the one-time or recurring commitment of your staff? The fields of action in which your expertise and those of your staff may come in handy are varied:

  • Legal, financial and tax arrangement (optimization of investments, profiling…) ;
  • Architectural development (implementation of innovative and sustainable techniques).
  • Communication (broadcasting, translations, campaigns, institutional relations…) ;
  • Community development or Community organizing (trainings, knowledge acquisition in various fields of local social and economic actions) …

Do you wish to help us through other forms of support (in kind)?

The development of our housing projects thus relies on the in-kind support of our partners and supporters, namely through the provision of:

  • Technical means in the construction field (management of energy, water, home automation, industrial laundry…).
  • Equipment (furniture for community facilities: fully-equipped kitchen, tables, chairs…)
  • Tools (creation of an agency to assist all of the different condominiums)
  • Computer equipment (a project to combat the digital divide of our members).
  • Bike parks (our aim is soft mobility for all our members).

become a member

It’s the associations and organizations of the Brussels civil society that have supported the emergence of the CLTB. It is also through their involvement that our projects are able to flourish. Besides, they are an integral part of the CLT model and compose a third of our board of directors.

As of today, several dozens of these associations and organizations are members of our General Assembly. The CLTB needs this support and wishes to expand it through the establishment of alliances with any organization that longs to assist the construction of a fair, inclusive and sustainable city of solidarity.

The member organizations, initially active in the field of the right to housing and city law, are becoming increasingly diversified. All of you are thus welcome, regardless of your scope of action (education, health, finance, citizenship, environment,…).

By becoming a member of the CLTB, you effectively activate the CLTB’s democratic project and strengthen the involvement of civil society in our structures:

You elect the administrators who represent civil society within the CLTB’s board of directors or even decide to present your organization as a candidate for this position.

By becoming a member of our General Assembly, you also show your willingness to share and provide your expertise, strengthen our mutual efforts and perhaps focus on our respective social commitment by developing projects together.

Therefore, do not hesitate anymore and contact us to make sure your organization joins the CLTB.

Please contact Geert De Pauw at 02/840 61 49 or by email at

let's develop projects toghether

Since its inception, the CLTB develops a wide range of partnerships, whether in the assembling and accompaniment of its real estate projects and/or projects of social emancipation and local action, by either directly integrating the activities of associations or organizations in real estate projects developed on its own plots of land.

Developing your activities on our plots of land

For each of our real estate projects, we reserve premises so as to develop activities that will enhance the quality of life in neighbourhoods, such as cultural, service, associative and commercial activities.

For example, in our current ongoing projects we accommodate offices in the voluntary sector,  multi-functional rooms, a daycare center for the elderly, facilities for park wardens and so forth.

We thus provide spaces available for rental or purchase (under the CLT conditions) destined for associations, agencies, institutions, companies that correspond to the CLTB’s social purpose.

If you’re currently seeking premises or taking part in a Community Land Trust – Brussels project sparks your interest, do not hesitate to contact us so we can reflect on the different opportunities we could build together:

Become partners of our projects

Working in collaboration is a founding principle of CLTB and this at all levels:

  • With institutional actors and  first and foremost, the Housing Fund, for the project management and provision of mortgage loans for households. We also collaborate with City Dev, municipalities and the Brussels Capital Region for the purchase of land.
  • For each real estate project, we associate ourselves with one or more partner associations for the:
    • Animation and planning of our activities (group dynamics);
    • Individual social support of households;
    • “Energy” and technical follow-up of the building or property;
    • Monitoring of the condominium;
    • “Neighbourhood” follow-up.
  • The CLTB organizes information sessions as well as training sessions for potential buyers. These sessions take place thanks to the collaboration of our partner associations. Similarly, the savings programmes for our members are made possible thanks to partner financial institutions.
  • As a local development project, we also support initiatives inspired by the groups of residents of our projects (especially in the context of the Cocreate project ‘Citizendev’), organize or support one-time events. These are all opportunities to initiate encounters with associations, neighbourhood committees and local associations.
  • Internationally, we like to establish partnerships with public authorities and associations in regards to the distribution of the Community Land Trust model at European level. This is especially the case with the Interreg SHICC European project.

Do you wish to contribute to the concrete development of our projects? Do you have a project or idea you would like to share and develop with us? Please contact us at: