Experiences of confined CLTB members!

During this period of lockdown, CLTB members have been sharing their experiences with us. You are also warmly invited to share yours. Please find the contact at the bottom of this page.

In the coming year, Monique will be living in a residence as part of the intergenerational CALICO project in Forest. As a home caregiver, she has been playing an important role during this period of confinement.


Philippe lives in Anderlecht, next to the Le Nid housing project. For Philippe, CLTB is about building pieces of the city. He is happy to see his neighbours enjoying their terraces during this difficult period and looks forward to working with them again on the site’s ventures.


Dorothée has been living in her CLTB apartment in Anderlecht for a few months. Despite the difficult situation, the inhabitants of the building have been organising themselves.


Mieke lives in Molenbeek. Her apartment, overlooking the canal, is part of the CLTB project “l’Ecluse”. She is in the high-risk group and has been quarantined with her husband Lieven. Lieven wrote a diary during the first days of his confinement. You can read it here (in Dutch).


Want to share your experience? Send your video to geert.depauw@cltb.be.

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