Abbé Cuylits

Address : Rue Abbé Cuylits, 44, 1070 Anderlecht

Client : CLTB

Architect : tbd

Contractor : tbd

Partners : tbd

Building programme :

  • 9 apartments of which 2x 1CH, 2x 2CH, 2x 3CH et 3x 4CH and a collective rooftop space
  • green roof
  • garden in the back of the plot

Context :

The plot is located in the middle of a rapidly transforming neighbourhood. Public and private urban development is upgrading the area but not always at the benefit of the most precarious. This is why we are developing a Community Land Trust project here.

The building, that currently exists of four warehouses, was bought in august 2018. The project should be delivered by the end of 2021.

Temporary occupation : 1/3 lieu-Plek AbC

Together with Communa and CLTB, A group of citizens and local organisations opened a temporary, and completely self-run socio-cultural centre.

1/3 Lieu-Plek AbC unites CLTB, Samenvoormorgen, HOMEforLESS, Gilbard, Maÿtu and Smartmush who will create Fungal Lab, an upcycle atelier & store, two shelters for homeless people and a meeting space for the neighbourhood. It is also the base of the CLTB cooking atelier, who started with “table d’hôtes” september 2019.