Mariemont – L’écluse

Photo : Marc Detiffe (SPRB-DRU)

Address: Chaussée de Ninove 38 – 1080 Molenbeek

Client: Fonds du Logement

Architect: Roose Partners Architects

Contractor: EDK

Building programme: 9 apartments (1, 2, 3 rooms)


  • Convivence, La Rue (accompaniment of the families)
  • Fonds du Logement (mortgage loans and contracting authority/client)

Project Framework and Funding:

The “L’écluse” project represents the first inhabited CLT in continental Europe. It consists of 9 housing units and was built by Fonds du Logement as part of the Heyvaert Neighborhood Contract in 2013.

Located in the old distrcit of Molenbeek, at the intersection of Quai de Mariemont and Chaussée de Ninove, the 9 apartments conform to the “low energy” standards of the Brussels-Capital Region. They represent CLTB’s desire to provide energy-efficient and environmentally friendly housing.

At the beginning of 2014, CLTB and Fonds du Logement investigated the possible sale of the apartments via CLTB’s list of prospective candidate-owners. In April 2014, the FUP CLTB obtained the required investment subsidy from the Regional Government.

Deeds of CLT sales to households, moving in and the inauguration:

Since the building had already been completed, rapid home acquisitions and move-ins were made possible, thus enabling the project to become the first CLT co-ownership in Brussels.

Photo : Sophie Ghyselen (CLTB)

CLTB collaborated with Fonds du Logement to finalize the various deeds: basic deeds; sale of the land to CLTB; sale of the buildings (surface right) to the residents; credit deeds. As it was the first CLTB project on sale, it took a few months of negotiations to enable the different parties to agree on various aspects.

The official inauguration of these first ever CLTB housing units took place on September 28, 2015; a date that will go down in the history books for CLTB!

After several delays, the final deeds of sale were signed in June 2016. This was an important moment for the residents who officially became owners of their homes!

Photo : Marc Detiffe (SPRB-DRU)

Accompaniment of the co-ownership:

When the deeds were signed, the co-ownership “L’écluse Ninove-Mariemont” was established. The CLTB, Convivence and the ASBL La Rue then continued to support the co-ownership in order to prepare them for autonomy and to help them manage their co-ownership as effectively. We worked on aspects related to living together as well as the general management of the co-ownership.

An initial evaluation was carried out through individual meetings with the inhabitants. It was generally very positive on all levels of the project (neighbourhood, services, facilities, neighbourhood, building, apartments, etc.).

The drafting of internal regulations is expected to further improve certain aspects, such as the management of common areas, group dynamics and various expectations related to the building’s perimeter.