What do we do?

Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) develops permanently affordable housing projects in Brussels for people with limited means, on collectively-owned lands. The community-driven approach of these housing developments shapes resilient and mutually supportive communities in a fair and inclusive city. As a social real estate developer, CLTB thus offers an innovative and sustainable response to the housing crisis.

CLTB applies the Community Land Trust (CLT)-model to develop its housing projects. This anti-speculative real estate development model emerged about 50 years ago in the US civil rights movement, and is based on three premises: (1) that land should not be sold, and should at all times remain the collective property of the community; (2) that access to an affordable quality house is a basic right, not a commodity for financial speculation; and finally, (3) that living (together) on community land empowers individuals and strengthens neigbourhoods.

Sharing land is also building community. CLTB actively involves buyers in the development of their housing project and engages them in a reflection on how the project can contribute to its neighbourhood. To this end, CLTB sets up partnerships with local organizations that accompany the inhabitants, and this often leads to the integration of neighbourhood facilities such as a public garden, community centre, day-care facility, sports field or cooperative supermarket, etc. in the project. The community becomes a micro-threshold of incubators and catalysts to address and experiment with (new forms of) urban mobility, ecology, circular economy, intergenerational or other needs for care.